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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Constellation pieces

Below is the boss mob tat drops the pieces for ea constellation

Aries - Chimera
Taurus - Treasure Golem
Gemini - Dr Morthen (sp)
Cancer - Necromancer (ROTD)
Leo - Elmorc
Virgo - Gallfaxi
Libra - Dreamblade
Scorpio - Swamp Angler
Sagittarius - King of Greed
Capricorn - Merman Eater
Aquarius - Gerero
Pisces - Dilos Latem


Alright after days of work and celeb of my birthday im back to updating! Im lvling wiz now! Back to when i 1st started playing sGE open beta! 2 wiz 1 scout team but i may do a 3 wiz team or 2 wiz 1 caly i dunno =P.

And here goes the cont of version 3.1 updates!

New daily events!

Other then the all famous PY, BC and ST comes the all new daily event!
Just talk to the NPC “event mission guide girl” of each town. Admission is possible within 5 minutes from the starting time. Admission condition is by using rep points! So please take note of tis! About how much im still not sure thou =P

This is the NPC tat will be station at every town. Queens gate, Bridge and Lakeside
Mission participation Lv restriction is divided into diff chns
1ch (the 58~77), 2ch (the 78~98), 3ch (99~Expert)

WebController function added

I think tis is a very cool function! U can see the progress of the game thru web instead of the game itself! Its able to view the current HP/SP and EXP of the char, u can even chat wif ppl in game wif tis function!
Friday, April 3, 2009

Booo..working took out so much of my time in swords =( im barely getting enuff sleep >.<

im still lvling my 2 graces and they are nearing lvl 90 soon! weeeeeeee =D. Joined PP earlier tis week. Got to noe a few funny and nice ppl =). Oh and i got my grace eqs ready! 2 not bad stated BD IMO and i manage to +6 a musk le blanc hoping to break it -.- but wasnt lucky on the chipping part =( 20+ 100 chips and still cant get any DR bleh...

Some Snap shots of my 2 graces wif my caly~

p.s : my fren bought me a pink carebear for my bday! yea!
=) adios!
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some screenies from sGE by Abell

Claire and Selva

Claire wif new crystal wings

New Grace costume and 1 wing angel wings!


New ETS costume and wing

New Fig costume

Gogo K2 lets start updating already!